12 Anime Bootlegs That’ll Have You Questioning Humanity

Nothing brings more unintentional joy to my small heart than knockoffs and bootlegs. I don’t support the illegal goods, but I do admire the work and effort that was put into them. Because someone, somewhere sees Pikachu as this:


Welcome to hell, I’ll be your guide!

Let’s go meet his twelve disciples.

1. SaderSader

Let’s get this out of the way. Sader is so damn moe, she won our Wait/don’t go Tonight character poll.

2. Power Surfboard Shrewd Boy

Power Surfboard Shred Boy

He’s gnarly. He’s rad. He’s Shrewd Boy! Just don’t tell him that his surfboard is actually a skateboard.

3. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods QUALITY Figures

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods QUALITY Figures

Whoa there buddy! These figures are so accurate, that Toei Animation might hit you with a lawsuit.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super © Toei Animation

Beerus, pls.

4. Super Heroes Justice League

Super Heroes Justice League

>The Naruto

5. Sailor Bike

Sailor BikeSailor Bike

In some alternate universe, Sailor Moon is the leader of a biker gang. Wait, why can’t we have that in this universe?

6. Pocket Monica

Pocket Monica

The packaging says it all.

7. The raddest Pokemon bootleg ever.


Let’s take some time to appreciate this work of art. There is Ash’s pimpin’ ear ring. That Pikachu abomination’s rocking headphones, and that Sailor Moon reject. Waifu of the year right there.


Real life.

8. JaJa’s Crazy Trip

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Apparently Stands are now Mobile Suits. Makes as much sense as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in reality.

9. Naburo vs Waterboy

Naburo vs Waterboy

The best game of the year is an understatement. Let’s try best game of all time.

10. Evanegelion


Heero Yuy has it all figured out Shinji. You know why? Because you’re father treats him as a son for getting in the damn robot.

11. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Eren, pls.

12. Whatever this thing is.


Not only did someone go out of their way to make Meowth “sexy,” and I’m using that word lightly, but they made Pikachu cry. Pikachu’s expression is the only thing that makes sense here.

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