11 Ways to Prepare Before a Night of Con Partying

Anime conventions are fun, especially the after parties! It can be easy to lose yourself and drink a little too much while having fun. For those who are of age, here are some key tips to make sure you have a safe and fun night of partying!


1Stock Up on “Hangover Remedies”

Let’s get real, there is no cure for the dreaded hangover, but there are things that can help alleviate the pain. Before going to an after-con party, make sure your room’s mini-fridge is stocked with:

  1. Bottled water
  2. Electrolyte drinks like Gatorade, Gerolsteiner, or coconut water
  3. 100% fruit juice of your choice
  4. Tea or coffee
  5. Ibuprofen

Trust me, the morning version you will appreciate it.


2Eat a Decent Meal

NEVER DRINK ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! That’s a ticket to misery.

Try eating a balanced meal 30 minutes before drinking, since it’ll help keep your stomach from becoming irritated. You’ll want to avoid processed food or dairy since they can make you barf. Have a nice mix of fats, carbs, and protein.


3Get Some Vitamins

Your body will thank you since this will lower the amount of inflammation caused by drinking. Take an extra multivitamin pill or drink some pomegranate juice before heading out.


4Leave Your Valuables in a Secure Place

Keep any flashy jewelry, expensive electronics, and anything else you don’t want to be stolen in a locked suitcase. That way you won’t have anything worth stealing on your person while partying and your valuables will be protected while not in your room.


5Stay Hydrated

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it makes you pee. One of the worst symptoms of a hangover is dehydration.

Combat this by making sure you are hydrated before going out. It’s also smart to alternate alcohol and water while out drinking. This will slow you down and will replace the water you’ve been leaking out.


6 Mix with Juice

Order juice based cocktails instead of soda! It won’t save you from total destruction if you go all out, but you’ll be replacing some essential vitamins while drinking.


7Stick with Clear Liquors

Without getting into distillation methods, just keep in mind that clear liquors have fewer toxins and impurities than darker ones.


8Don’t Skimp on Price

While there are no conclusive studies that show higher priced alcohol has fewer toxins than cheaper ones, the sticker price may help you from going crazy at the bar.


9Pace Yourself

It typically takes your body an hour to process one alcoholic drink. The exact time varies by your weight and age, but an hour is a good rule of thumb. Have a glass of water during this time!


10Have a Midnight Snack

Yes, you should have a meal before your after-con party, but make sure to order something to nibble on while drinking. Greasy, carb meals will co-operate with your stomach and alcohol, so you don’t have to worry about puking.


11Travel Safely

There is no excuse for drunk driving. If you are with a group that lacks a designated driver, you can share an Uber or a Lyft. Just make sure to not become drunk Steve.


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