11 Most Ridiculous and Unexplainable Anime Plot Holes

No matter how well written a series is, you will always find a plot hole or something unexplainable that is affectionately known as an:

Not all plot holes or pulls are noticeable, but they are essentially contradictions or unexampled events that arise. Once you start noticing, they're everywhere you look.

1. Girls und Panzer – Tanks that don't explode.

The tanks are totally real and fire off explosive shells, but we are supposed to believe that there is a special coating that prevents them from blowing up? So things blow up but not the tanks and it's just super convenient.


2. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna – Sagara's mysterious time travel to the past.

Most isekai anime try to explain how a modern person is taken to a new world – usually the answer is magic. However, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna doesn't bother with this detail and we just have to accept that Sagara Yoshiharu got there because of reasons.

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna


3. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple – Shigure's telekinesis.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple is somewhat rooted in reality in that all of the martial art techniques are taken from real world fighting styles. However, Shigure can use telekinesis to control her enemy's weapons. It is the only supernatural power in the series, and is not fully explained.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple


4. Kill la Kill – Senketsu's transformations.

This one is a little weird. Prior to Ryuko's fight with the Elite Four, we learn that Life Fiber Ultima Uniforms can only transform into one stronger form. But somehow Senketsu can transform into multiple forms that give Ryuko a tactical edge over her opponents (maybe because of the spcial Life Fibers?). 

It's never explained but the entire academy should have millions of questions on why she can level up multiple times. Somehow everyone just accepted it.

Kill la Kill


5. Bleach – Ichigo's entire life…maybe?

Bleach is notorious for having so many contrived ass pulls that it has become a meme at this point. One of the biggest is that Ichigo's entire life was manipulated by Aizen as a master plan. Or was it?

Other classic ass pulls include Ulquiorra's second resurrection (when it was established that one is the limit), Ichigo's various bankai "strategies", Sternritter's twin, and Nanao's super specific Zanpakuto.



6. Death Note – The fake Death Note

Towards the end of the series, Near somehow switches out Light's Death Note with a fake…without Light noticing. Either Near is a slick ninja or Light is dumber than we thought.

Death Note


7. Fairy Tail – Friendship Power

Friendship power never fails in Fairy Tail. Natsu or Erza could be getting destroyed in a fight, but the tide will change once they think of their friends. These warm thoughts are more than enough to save them from fatal blood loss and flood their bodies with power to defeat the villain. This happens a lot in shonen but Fairy Tail takes it to the extreme. Can't they just say friendship is magic to make it canon?


8. Gundam SEED – Kira survives an impossible explosion.

The series features a deathmatch between Kira and Athrun. In last ditch effort to kill Kira, Athrun grapples Kira's unit and uses a self-destruct blast.

Miraculously, Kira survives thanks to a blast door sealing his cockpit. But, when his damaged unit is inspected, we see that the cockpit was melted beyond salvage. So, how did Kira really survive? Is he more fireproof than metal?

Gundam SEED


9. Naruto – Sasuke's giant snake.

Sasuke and Deidara have a pretty lengthy fight, which drains them both of energy. In a last ditch effort, Deidara uses a self-destruct move that should have killed Sasuke…

Except, Sasuke somehow summoned and mind-controlled a giant snake into protecting him from the blast. The silly thing is that Sasuke is nearly drained of chakra, so he shouldn't have been able to do any of those things. But, he somehow mustered enough chakra to survive a giant blast…that happened a few feet in front of him.



10. Dragon Ball Z – Dr. Gero uses an inferior energy design.

You can pick out a lot of crazy moments from Dragon Ball Z, but this one really stands out. Dr. Gero, in his quest to kill Goku, creates Androids 17 and 18. Gero shuts them down and puts them into stasis because he fears that their infinite energy supply will make them too powerful and lead to a rebellion.

Afterwards, Gero turns himself into cyborg, but uses the inferior energy absorption body design. Did Gero not trust himself with infinite power after he admired it so much? Why?!

Dragon Ball Z


11. The Familiar of Zero – Lol, fake spells.

The second season of The Familiar of Zero ended on a heart breaking note as we see professor Jean Colbert die. However, the goof is alive in the third season. What the hell!

Turns out, Colbert was hit with a fake death spell for no reason at all. Another kick in the teeth is that this spell was cast using water magic, which has always been associated with healing. This is just layers of WTF.


What are some of the more ridiculous things you've noticed in your favorite anime?

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