11 Anime Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

Halloween is almost here! While you’re out making some low-key anime-inspired costumes, here are some Halloween-ish movies filled with vampires, spirits, black cats and more to get in the holiday’s spirit.


1. Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustVampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

What’s it about: D is a renowned vampire hunter who is tasked with finding the kidnapped daughter of a rich family. The creepy atmosphere, gothic style, and creatures make it the perfect movie for Halloween.


2. Wicked CityWicked City

What’s it about: There is a parallel dimension that connects the human and demon worlds. A century-old pact has expired, and forces want to see the human and demon worlds become one. Wicked City is extremely disturbing and features ero-guro segments.


3. Perfect BluePerfect Blue

What’s it about: Mima Kirigoe leaves the idol industry to pursue a career in acting. Strange things start to happen around the movie Mima is associated with, which leads to a mental breakdown that prevents her from separating fantasy from reality.


4. AkiraAkira

What’s it about: Neo-Tokyo is built on the rubble of old Tokyo after the events of WWIII. The country is overrun with gangs and terrorism. Kaneda leads one of these bike gangs but is dragging into bigger troubles as his friend Tetsuo starts to develop psychic powers.


5. Jin-Roh: The Wolf BrigadeJin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

What’s it about: Kazuki Fuse is haunted by the image of a suicide bomber and is sent to a training camp re-evaluation for his position within the Capital Police’s Special Unit. The somber movie is haunting on a psychological level.


6. Little Witch AcademiaLittle Witch Academia

What’s it about: There are two short films that follow the charming tale of Akko Kagari and her quest to become a witch. They are colorful and humorous movies the entire family can enjoy.


7. Mind GameMind Game

What’s it about: Nishi has dreams of becoming a manga artist and marrying his childhood friend, Myon. As Nishi starts to accept Myon’s engagement, things start to get after the yakuza show up. Mind Game uses different animation techniques to create a fanciful experience.


8. The Cat ReturnsThe Cat Returns

What’s it about: Haru Yoshioka is taken to the cat world due to a misunderstanding. She saved the life of Lune, Prince of Cats and asked for her hand in marriage. After Lune thinks Haru accepts, she must go on a quest to find her true self, or she’ll be turned into a cat!


9. Spirited AwaySpirited Away

What’s it about: Chihiro Ogino and her parents find an abandoned amusement park while on the way to their new house. Chihiro learns that this place houses a secret and she is swept to the spirit world. With help from Haku, Chihiro must learn to live and work with the spirits.


10. The Boy and the BeastThe Boy and the Beast

What’s it about: Ren is a 10-year-old boy who runs away from his terrible family life to wander the streets of Shibuya. When Ren gets lost in a maze of alleyways, he ends up in Shibuten, a world of beasts.


11. Kakurenbo: Hide & SeekKakurenbo: Hide & Seek

What’s it about: Kids in creepy masks play a game of hide-in-seek in the abandoned ruins of an old city. During the game, the kids start to disappear one-by-one.


What anime movies do you watch during the Halloween season?

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