Migi is a master at posing.

Cute Migi Parasyte

Tells you when you’re being a wuss.

Always has a snappy comeback.

Is ready to throwdown.

Likes to learn new things.

Sometimes Migi says things you might not agree with but it really makes you think.

Migi quote

allanimemangaquotes / tumblr

Migi is always ready to lend you cash.

Migi has money

You never have to worry about driving with Migi.

Parasyte the maxim Migi driving

Migi will slap you if you say something stupid.

Migi Parasyte will slap you

It’s for your own good, really

Migi is great at impressions.

Migi is adorable in a weird way.

Migi can take whatever you throw. Literally.

Parasyte the maxim Migi knife

Tells you when someone is no good for you.

Kana Parasyte the maxim


Knows how to chill.

Never lets you down.

Migi is the kind of friend we all wish we had.

Parasyte just finished it’s run on Toonami so if you want to take Migi and the dubstep bloody battles home, now you can.


Lana Kim
I fell in love with anime when I first watched Mobile Suit Gundam then I discovered the world asian animation which has consumed all my free time since. I’m a liberal arts major that somehow got sucked into the publishing world and am happy to moonlight at GoBoiano where I can talk about people, shows, and projects I like.
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