Shooting Girl is a new game from the free play site Nutaku, who localizes popular games from the Japanese company that brought the world Kantai Collection and Kanpani Girls: DMM. In Shooting Girl, much of Earth’s population has been destroyed by the alien UnKnowns. As the new team Instructor, you lead the surviving girls in the battle to save Japan and the world.

Now let’s find out who you’re destined to be!

If you want to play Shooting Girl, GoBoiano has partnered with Nutaku to bring a free, unreleased girl to 100 lucky fans!

I fell in love with anime when I first watched Mobile Suit Gundam then I discovered the world asian animation which has consumed all my free time since. I’m a liberal arts major that somehow got sucked into the publishing world and am happy to moonlight at GoBoiano where I can talk about people, shows, and projects I like.
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