Top 9 Anime Main Characters That Are Terrible Jerks

Don’t call them Mary Sue, because these characters are self-centered jerks. It’s not too often anime and manga elect to give jerkass characters the spotlight, but it can be a treat when it happens.

Some people love it when a major character has a nasty streak, and others detest it. If these characters were real, they wouldn’t care. Here are some of the vilest, jerky main characters.


Haruhi is one of the most selfish characters ever, and that odd trait has won her an equal amount of admirers and haters. Despite being talented and intelligent, Haruhi gets bored very easily and shows signs of antisocial personality disorder with how she treats her “friends”.

To make matters worse, Haruhi has the power to destroy the world, which causes what little friends to put with her shenanigans out of fear that she will discover these powers. Haruhi gets better as time goes on, but her rough personality can be a huge turnoff.


2Masamune Makabe – Masamune-kun’s Revenge

What would you do if you were rejected? Move on? Maybe dwell on the fact for a couple of months? If you were Masamune, you’d change every aspect of your life, try to get the girl to fall for you, then dump her in public. Talk about petty.


3Yu Kanda – D.Gray-man

It doesn’t take much for Yu to threaten death upon anyone, including his allies. One wrong move and he’ll bombard you with different threats. But it’s okay, the man is beautiful.


4Izaya Orihara – Durarara!!

Izaya makes a living gathering unsavory information on people. Being an information broker will win you a lot of enemies, but Izaya also enjoys manipulating people for fun. There is a reason every character wants to throw a vending machine at him.


5Louise de La Vallière – The Familiar of Zero

Depending on how you like your tsundere, Louise is either a gift or the reason you hate the archetype. The violent and bratty noble girl is a failure at magic, causing her to beat her familiar Saitou.

If three seasons of domestic abuse doesn’t get to you, then [highlight for spoiler: maybe the fact that Saitou is brainwashed so that he accepts Louise’s “love” will.]

Love Live! School Idol Project has one of the most likable casts of characters. Since too much of a good thing could kill you, one of the girls had to be unlikeable. Nico is abrasive, tries to belittle the other girls, and lies to compensate for her small stature. But at least she gave us “Nico Nico Nii.”


7Katsuki Bakugo – My Hero Academia

Bakugo doesn’t have much of reason for his standoffish nature. As a child, he developed a rare Quirk, which led to a superiority complex.


8Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto

Sasuke started out as a mean little bugger, but showed hints of becoming a relatively nice guy. However, Sasuke descended into madness in Shippudden as he was shown sacrificing teammates and attempting to murder scores of people. Sasuke hasn’t gotten much better in Boruto, as he almost killed his daughter simply because he failed to recognize her.


9Makoto Itou – School Days

Name a bigger prick than Makoto. Go on, I’ll wait.

Makoto starts out as a typical rom-com lead, but becomes the biggest jerk of all-time when he decides to cheat on his girlfriend. Not satisfied, he cheats on his side-girl with every other female classmate he can find. The icing on the cake is when [highlight for spoiler: Makoto ditches his side-girl for good when he learns of her pregnancy and gets back with his first girlfriend]. At least he has the decency to take a boat trip at the end.


Who do you think are the vilest protagonists?

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