Tokyo Man Arrested For Starting a Fire While Stealing Panties

Sometimes, a criminal does something so stupid you can’t help but laugh at their actions. Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun reported that a 37-year-old construction worker was arrested for starting a laundry fire while stealing three pairs of women’s underwear.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the man was drunk when he decided to light a hanging towel on fire. Some drying underwear caught his attention while lighting the fire, so he decided to steal them for fun.


KonoSuba © Natsume Akatsuki / Kurone Mishima / Kadokawa Shoten / Studio Deen Co., Ltd.

The man allegedly told the police, “While starting the fire purely for mischief purposes, I saw the hanging underwear and stole them.”

10 minutes earlier, about 200 meters away from the pantie snatching scene, a sunshade was set on fire at different apartment location. The police are investigating if it was committed by the same man.

SOURCESankei Shimbun
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