The Most Subscribed YouTuber Shares His Favorite Anime

Some of you may already know PewDiePie, while some of you are not and still probably think just who this PewDiePie is.

PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg is a famous Swedish Youtuber who is currently holding the throne as the “Most Subscribed YouTuber” on our planet. He is well-known for his amusing “Let’s Play” videos, causing him to gain many fans as well as subscribers.

The bottom line is, even though you know him or not, you will find yourself at least relating to him when it comes to our favorite hobby – and that is watching anime and reading manga. Yes, this famous Youtuber shares the bond which transpires from us.

He uploaded a video of himself discussing not only his favorite anime, but also his nostalgic experiences while watching those favorite anime of his.

Take a look from the video to surmise what I’m talking about:


From his video, he mentioned the following anime and manga; Naruto: ShippudenBleach, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Ergo Proxy, Ichigo 100%, Berserk, Mononoke, Kaiba, and Blame! respectively.

Here are some relatable and amusing lines he has said for the anime-veterans or newbies:

“You think you know anime? Oh I’m gonna tell you ANIME okay? ‘Cause I KNOW.”

“Because I remember, I really don’t get used to get it (Anime). I thought it was weird. Guhh. What is that Japanese shit I don’t get it. Is that just that from nerds? —Then I realize how fucking cool I was.”

Luckily, I never met anyone else that actually seen this fucking pathetic piece of shit anime. *laughs”

“Oh Satsuki, I remember her. It’s all coming back to me now. [Insert cry of being nostalgic here]

The manga (Berserk) basically continues after the anime ends where this thing happens where everything fucking changes.

Another favorite of mine is Mononoke… —shut the fuck up okay? No I’m not talking about Princess Mononoke. Everytime, “Oh you’re talking about Princess Mononoke?”, “Oh! I love Princess Mononoke as well”. Well, you fake ass fucking anime fan. You have never heard Mononoke? (Is that how you say it? *laughs).”

They go hard on the fucking art style. They have these patterns that were made by some famous clothes designer… Why do I care? *laughs I do care, that’s why it’s so sad.

It’s really good. It’s got a good place in my heart this anime and… You don’t have to judge me for it okay? Just watch it yourself.

Let’s be honest, Japanese people are fucking perverts, I mean, everyone is. Just Japanese people are more honest about it.
Felix said such words, “I’m embarrassed about this” when talking about his favorite anime shows to his audience, which some of you may have misinterpreted. As a fellow anime-lover, we have our own different perspective on how anime impacts ourselves and the people in our surroundings.

Felix loves anime, and so do I. There’s nothing wrong with liking anime. The only thing embarrassing about it is when people, who have no idea about anime, look at us as creepy fanatic people who are overly captivated with animated shows – which can be true at some point, but basically no in contrast.

Now, returning from the main topic, it’s just cool to see that the most subscribed person on Youtube is actually passionate about his hobbies. He loves to watch anime and enthusiastically reads manga. Like some of us, he also adores Japanese culture. Not only that, Felix is a person who also likes K-Dramas and K-Pop.

That would be the one of the many reasons why Felix’s fans around the world love him, and helped him became what he is right now.


Just a bespectacled guy who is just enthusiastic of his hobbies, his current goal is to find out which is the best source of his fun from this cruel ridiculous beautiful world. Is it Anime, Manga, Light Novel, Visual Novel, JRPG, J-Pop, Japanese Culture or Waifu-Material Anime Characters that didn't exist?
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