The 5 Summer Leftover Anime that will Air this Fall

Leftovers refer to anime whose 2nd cour airs during the following season of their premiere. Simply put, these anime have between 20 – 26 total episodes, with 24 episodes being the average.

Five summer anime will spill over into the fall season, including the popular Fate/Apocrypha and Welcome to the Ballroom!


1Altair: A Record of Battles (Shoukoku no Altair)

Studio: MAPPA

Genre: Action / Drama / Fantasy / Historical

Quick Pitch: Mahmut is the youngest Pasha in Türkiye stratocracy, and all he desires is peace. However, the threat of war looms with the Balt-Rhein Empire after the assassination of a politician. Mahmut is thrust into a journey to find allies and to prevent a great war, but what if he fails?


2Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou)

Studio: Shin-Ei Animation

Genre: Mystery / Slice of Life / Supernatural

Quick pitch: Inaba’s parents died when he was young, which caused him to move in with relatives. Even though they cared for him, Inaba always felt like a burden, so he decided to attend a high school with a dormitory. However, the dorm burned to the ground before Inaba could move in! Searching for a cheap room to stay in, he finds a “Monster House,” which is a place where humans and youkai live together. Lucky for Inaba, a cute exorcist named Akine lives there.



Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Action / Fantasy / Supernatural

Quick pitch: The Holy Grail is removed from Fuyuki City after the Third Holy Grail War. Decades after the event, the Yggdmillennia family defects from the Mages’ Association and seeks independence. Re-writing the rules of the Holy Grail War, the Yggdmillennia family and the association sends seven mages each to fight for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail itself has summoned a Ruler-class servant to watch over the war. For convenience sake, the two opposing factions are Black and Red.


4Magical Circle Guru-Guru (Mahoujin Guruguru)

Studio: Production I.G.

Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy

Quick Pitch: Nike is forcefully sent on a quest to defeat the Devil King after his hero-worshipping parents see a call for help. Following tradition, Nike visits a magical old lady who entrusts him with caring for Kukuri, who possesses the magic that can seal the Devil King.


5Welcome to the Ballroom (Ballroom e Youkoso)

Studio: Production I.G.

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance / Sports

Quick Pitch: Tatara Fujita is a high school student with no goals and is a victim of bullying. Tatara’s life begins to change after Kaname Sengoku chases his bullies away and drags Tatara to his dance studio during a misunderstanding. Tatara agrees to a trial lesson and is paired with his classmate Shizuku Hanaoka. After being bullied the next day, Tatara decides to pursue ballroom dancing because he believes it will improve his confidence.


Which spring leftovers will you still be watching?

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