The 12 Original Anime Series that Will Air This Fall

Original anime allow an anime staff showcase their creative side! Without a source material, these works attempt to bring something different to the field and can become great experiences.

The upcoming fall season has no shortage of original series and their sequels!


1Just Because!

Studio: Pine Jam

Genre: Drama / Romance

Premiere: October 5

Quick Pitch: The third year of high school is coming to a close for four students. Their seemingly easy graduation becomes complicated once an old friend suddenly transfers in during the closing months. All of a sudden, their emotions explode.


2Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Music / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 7

Quick Pitch: Chika Takami is a normal girl who is inspired to become an idol due to the success of μ’s. She wants to create an idol group to promote the Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy in order to prevent it from merging with another school. However, the “Love Live!” school idol project has grown in popularity, which makes Chika’s goal a difficult task.


3Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Hero Chapter

Studio: Studio Gokumi

Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Magical Girl

Premiere: October 7

Quick Pitch: Yuki Yuna is a second-year middle student who is part of her school’s “Hero Club.” Most activities include putting on shows for younger students and performing helpful tasks, but the members are also magical girls. In secret, they must combat evil forces called Vertexes and prevent them from destroying the world.


4Garo: Vanishing Line

Studio: MAPPA

Genre: Action

Premiere: October 7

Quick Pitch: When a great conspiracy threatens Russell City, a man called Sword decides to wage a shadow war to uncover the plot. His only clue is “El Dorado,” which is the message that Sophie was given before her older brother left. The two plan to work together to uncover the meaning of “El Dorado” and to learn the conspiracy behind it.



Studio: WAO World

Genre: Comedy

Premiere: October 8

Quick Pitch: Minao is a newcomer to anime, but she is invited by her classmate Arisu to establish an “Anime Research Club.” After recruiting various anime-loving upperclassmen and having conversations with Arisu, Minao finds herself getting hooked on anime.


6Two Car

Studio: Silver Link

Genre: Sports

Premiere: October 8

Quick Pitch: Yuri and Megumi couldn’t be any more different in terms of personality, but they are the perfect duo when it comes to motorcycle sidecar racing. Together, they will race team from all over Japan in order to become the best.


7TsukiPro the Animation

Studio: PRA

Genre: Music

Premiere: October 4

Quick Pitch: TsukiPro follows the daily and professional lives of four bands: SolidS, Quell, SOARA, and Growth.


8Oretacha Youkai Ningen

Studio: DLE

Genre: Horror

Premiere: October 4

Quick Pitch: Three youkai strive to act as agents of justice in the hopes of becoming human.


9Time Bokan: Three Bad Guys’ Counterattack

Studio: Tatsunoko Productions

Genre: Action / Comedy / Science Fiction

Premiere: October 7

Quick Pitch: The Akudam Trio receive a mission to steal the Dynamond from famous people throughout history.


10ClassicaLoid 2nd Season

Studio: Sunrise

Genre: Comedy / Music

Premiere: October 7

Quick Pitch: Kanae and Sousuke live in a small town that is trying to become a music epicenter. One day, androids called “Classicaloids” appear, looking like Beethoven and Mozart. When they play music, things like giant robots and shooting stars appear. Soon, the small town becomes home to numerous Classicaloids


11Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter

Studio: Millepensee

Genre: Drama / Music

Premiere: October 10

Quick Pitch: The Wake Up, Girls! series follows Green Leaves Entertainment, which is a tiny production company in the Tohoku region. President Tange hatches an idea of producing an idol group composed of raw talent.


12Love Rice 2nd Season

Studio: Encourage Films

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Music

Premiere: October

Quick Pitch: Five rice-inspired students attend Kokuritsu Inaho Academy and form an idol unit to show the delicious appeal of rice.


Which originals will you watch this fall?

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