The 12 Most Anticipated Anime of Fall 2017

Fall 2017 is fast approaching, which means it time to take a peak and see some hotly anticipated anime! It’s going to be a season of sequels, which should make certain fans really happy.


1Osomatsu-san 2nd Season

The hilarious sextuplet brothers are back for what is sure to be one of Fall’s best comedies (it is competing against Gintama.)

If you missed out on season one, expect to find pop culture references (which are not restricted to anime and manga), wild personalities, and slap-stick humor packaged with a vibrant art style.


2The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome)

This popular fantasy-romance has a 3 episode OVA adaptation, which serves as a prequel to the series.

Whether you watch the OVAs or not, you’ll be in for an emotional ride about a girl who sells herself into slavery only to be purchased by a powerful sorcerer.


3Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (Kekkai Sensen & Beyond)

This fast-paced action series is from the creator of Trigun. Featuring a varied (and morally dubious) cast of characters with unique powers, Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond is sure to satisfy new and old fans alike.


4Black Clover

Black Clover has a chance to be the next big shounen series for fans looking to replace Naruto or as a hold over until the inevitable My Hero Academia Season 3 announcement.

The series isn’t particularly unique: Arata a magic-less orphan who lives in a world of magic users. Despite his handicap, he is determined to become the Wizard King. However, the Black Clover manga does a good job delivering its story and executing its tropes. We’ll see if Studio Pierrot can deliver a decent adaptation.


Who isn’t a fan of Food Wars! by now? The third season is going to feature showdowns between Soma and the Council of Ten. If that doesn’t get you excited, then maybe Erina’s father’s menacing appearance will!


Graduation anime can be a messy ordeal for emotional fans since they can bring back some tear inducing memories.

Just Because! is an original series from the creator of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, and it features 5 students entering their final semester of their third year. Most of the story has been kept under wraps, but these teens are all connected in some manner.


Kino’s Journey is a fantastic series about the human experience. It examines the differences in culture and some of the absurdities in the world without talking down to viewers.

This anime is a re-adaptation of the light novels, which were previously adapted into a TV anime in 2003. Most of the story will be the same, but the visuals will be a huge improvement.


It’s a series about a high school girl experiencing anime for the first time! If done right, Anime-Gataris can be a fun look into the community and re-ignite fond memories in viewers about their introducing into the medium.


9Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

Aqours returns for another season, which will certainly be a fun romp for idol fans! Expect some catch music, cute character interactions, and a splash of drama as the girls try to win the “Love Live” school idol contest.


10Children of the Whales (Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau)

Children of the Whales is a rare science fiction shoujo series. It features a group of super-powered humans that live on a floating island. The manga combines the feel of Studio Ghibli movies (named Nausicaä and Princess Mononoke) with the mystery of From the New World.

Children of the Whales is a shoujo series that has a chance to cross-over appeal.


March Comes in Like a Lion 2nd Season will no doubt be the Fall’s biggest emotional roller coaster! Rei’s continuing journey to becoming a shogi master while tackling his personal relationship issues will make for a great experience.


12Gintama: Porori Arc

No anime has as fierce a following as Gintama. The rabid fanbase eagerly awaits every new season, and this one is set to animate various gags from unadapted comedic chapters. It’ll be a nice change-of-pace since the past two Gintama seasons have adapted really heavy arcs.


What Fall 2017 anime are you most anticipating?

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