The 10 Sunrise Studios Anime Japanese Fans Want Sequels To

Sunrise has been producing anime since 1972 and their works have amassed a loyal following. The studio held a poll on their Yatate Bunko fan site and asked fans which Sunrise produced anime should get a sequel.

Tiger & Bunny

The studio is known for creating mecha anime, so it’s only natural that the top choices would fall within the genre. While Code Geass was chosen in the poll, a new season has already been announced.


10Gear Fighter Dendoh

Episodes: 38

Quick Pitch: An alien race of sentient machines called Galfa have invaded Earth and they are determined to wipe out all life. GEAR, an organization devoted to Earth’s protection, recruits two elementary students to pilot the GEAR Fighter Dendoh mecha. The pilots will have to put their differences aside in order to unlock the Dendoh’s full potential.



Episodes: 26 + 2 Movies

Quick Pitch: A massive disaster causes a section of Tokyo to become an “elevated island” and leads to a minority of babies to be born with superpowers. Kazuma is a power user known as an Alter, and he can cover his right arm and torso in a metallic alloy. He tries to live his life as a mercenary but is forced to fight an evil organization called HOLY.



Episodes: 26 + 1 Movie

Quick Pitch: Kyo is an avid swimmer and is the only member of his school’s swimming club. Desperate to recruit new members, he asks the beautiful Shizuno to appear in a recruitment video. Shizuno agrees, but on one condition – Kyo must become a mecha pilot for the Celebrum organization. Kyo agrees to the odd terms, but he can’t help to shake the feeling of déjà vu.


7Buddy Complex

Episodes: 13 + 2 Specials

Quick Pitch: Aoba’s ordinary life is usurped after a sudden mecha attack. He is saved by a mysterious classmate named Hina, and she tells Aoba that she and the enemy are from the future before suddenly propelling him 70 years forward. Upon arrival, Aoba finds himself piloting a mecha with a partner named Dio. It’s up to the two to work together to put an end to a long-fought war.



Episodes: 26

Quick Pitch: The moon was destroyed 107 years ago, and fragments occasionally fall to Earth. Japan uses mecha units called iDOLs to destroy these fragments before they cause damage. Haruka has dreams of becoming a pop idol, but mistakenly auditions to become a pilot. But being a pilot isn’t easy…first, the iDOL unit has to choose its master.


5Kanzen Shouri Daiteioh

Episodes: 1

Quick Pitch: A strange alien force is heading towards Earth and Eldoran fails to protect a city. After the failure, a team of elementary students is chosen to stop the alien threat using the Daiteioh mecha unit.


4Valvrave the Liberator

Episodes: 24

Quick Pitch: Haruto’s peaceful life is shattered after a sudden invasion of his space colony by Dorssian forces. The enemy is planning on seizing  Valvraves, which are oft-rumored mecha units. During the chaos, Haruto stumbles into a Valvrave cockpit and seals contract to pilot the unit in exchange for his humanity.


3Phi-Brain – Puzzle of God

Episodes: 75

Quick Pitch: Kaito is a genius when it comes to solving puzzles, which makes him a candidate for a special test. This test turns out to be a deadly Philosopher’s Puzzle and failure would mean death! After solving the puzzle, Kaito is designated as a Solver and is forced to travel the world to solve deadly puzzles left by the P.O.G. organization.


2Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Episodes: 50 + 3 OVAs

Quick Pitch: Lelouch is the exiled prince of the Holy Empire of Britannia. He was saved by a mysterious girl named C.C., and she grants him a special powered called a Geass. With his new power, Lelouch embarks on a quest as the masked vigilante Zero with hopes of ending the needless bloodshed created by Britannia.


1Tiger & Bunny

Episodes: 25 + 2 movies

Quick pitch: The metropolitan city of Sternbild is home to super powered humans known as NEXT. Some of them have decided to become corporate sponsored heroes and fight crime while participating in a reality TV show called HERO TV. Kotetsu is an old-school hero who chooses to fight by his own code, which often conflicts with his sponsors. Since his popularity is low, he is forced to team up with a rookie named Barnaby, whose modern approach to fighting crime clashes with Kotetsu’s views.


What Sunrise anime do you think should get a sequel?

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