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The 17 Most Dropped Winter 2017 Anime After Three Weeks

Last week, we asked the community what were the anime they dropped after the first three episodes. Here are the shows that have been...

“Youjo Senki” Artist Shares Gorgeous Fanart for “Overlord” and More

Shinobu Shinotsuki is the illustrator for the Youjo Senki light novels. You know, it's the series about a Japanese salaryman getting turned into a killer loli. Fun stuff. When...

Youjo Senki Mixes WWI, Magic, and a Killer Loli

A crazy loli?   Alternate take on World War I?   Powerful magic?   You might want to give Youjo Senki a look.   Youjo Senki continues the trend of cute girls fighting in World Wars, which...


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Here is How Little Anime Makes From Foreign Distribution

You hear the international community ask this all the time, "why don't anime studios focus more on the international market if they aren't making...

Code Geass and Sakuradite