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When Your Waifu Asks if You Are Hungry

Humans are a fascinating species.
Gabriel DropOut

Satania Appreciation Post

Can we agree that Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell is the, how do you put it, best grill? She's totally has that mix of cuteness and silliness....

Square Up Onii-chan

When you're an anime girl and everyone says you're their waifu so you decide to beat the crap out of them.

The Future of VR and Gaming is Here


12 Explosive Fanart That Celebrate Megumin

Megumin is the quirky, chunni wizard from KonoSuba who's only spell is a huge EXPLOSION! But her real power is casting charm over legions of fans thanks...

Your Waifu Isn’t Real

http://streamable.com/rqpc4 Time to learn the truth about your waifu.

The Ultimate 2D vs 3D

Before or After? 3D or 2D? You decide!

Gatebox Virtual Waifu Is Depressing Commentary on How Lonely You Are

The dream is finally coming true for many otaku as a new breakthrough in waifu technology has arrived. Gatebox is an interactive display for your best...

Japan’s Newest Waifu is From an English Textbook

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a Japanese student. Daily Lives of High School Boys © Yasunobu Yamauchi / Square Enix / Sunrise It's just a typical...

You Can Now Be An Anime Girl With New Software on...

IT'S TIME TO BE AN ANIME GRILLLLL Facerig has been a 3D program on Steam but now they have a 2D version "FaceRig is a program enabling anyone...


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Here is How Little Anime Makes From Foreign Distribution

You hear the international community ask this all the time, "why don't anime studios focus more on the international market if they aren't making...

Code Geass and Sakuradite