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Odd Name in Legend of Zelda’s Credits Has Inspiring Backstory

Most people don't ever read credits in movies, anime, and video games. It's the perfect time to unwind and take stock of what you...

Final Fantasy Celebrates 30th Anniversary This Year

Final Fantasy has a long and storied history. From the first game being made as the last hoorah of the struggling company Squaresoft, to...

Yandere Dev Partners With Popular Indie Developer tinyBuild

Yandere Dev, sole creator of Yandere Simulator, is finally getting some help in developing the game. In a video released on March 1st, Yandere Dev explains...

Final Fantasy VII’s Guard Scorpion Comparison

Where we are now:   Where we started:

The Reason Why Valve Won’t Announce Half-Life 3

Hello fellow Terrans. Our mother ship has discovered the reason why Half-Life 3 has not been created. Like everything in the lives of humans, you...

The 10 Types of Anime You Get in Every Season

If you have spent some time watching anime, you'll notice some patterns emerge with every new season. Here are some broad categories that almost...


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