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‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Fans Demand Ishida Commit Suicide After New Chapter

The following post will have spoilers for the latest Tokyo Ghoul:re manga chapter. The international fanbase went insane after chapter 125 of Tokyo Ghoul leaked online. Scanners quickly translated...
Azrael Santi

Azrael is an Artist Who Ships Your Favorite Fast-Food Icons

Azrael Santi is a Filipino artist with a knack for taking fast-food mascots and shipping them in cute web manga. Of course, the sassy Wendy's...

Wendy’s Ain’t Having None of That Yaoi $%#…but Maybe Yuri?

A cool art story of wendy's with her fast food buddies who somehow end up hooking up with other fast food characters...



Boom Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur Finally Blooms in Butt-Berry’s Bright Illustrations

Butt-Berry is an artist living in New Zealand who loves to draw Pokémon! One of their most trending pieces is envisioning Bulbasaur with different flower...