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In Appreciation of Arby’s Nerdiness

For a few weeks now, we've been falling in love with Wendy and her smug face. She's become so popular that she has reached...

SAO Ordinal Scale Rumored To Take Record From Madoka

According to 2chan rumors, "Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale" is almost at 1 Billion Yen after just 9 days and is set to break...

「AMV – Closer」

What Are Your Least Used Anime Reaction Pics?

Dig into your folder and show me something rare! Which anime reaction images do you never get the chance to use? Share it here! I'm...

The 30 Best-Selling Light Novels of 2016

Oricon Style published their yearly best-seller charts of light novels. The sales data covers the number of copies sold from November 23, 2015 to November 20,...

Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?