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Would You Save Humanity or Doom it in the Great War?

Would you survive and save the day in No Game No Life: Zero? //dcc4iyjchzom0.cloudfront.net/widget/loader.js   Sentai Filmworks is playing No Game No Life: Zero in Canadian theaters...

Can You Name Iconic Tokyo Sites by One Image?

One great thing about Tokyo for travelers are the amounts of iconic sites that can be visited. From temples that are centuries of years...

Can You Name These 10 Harem Lead Guys?

We've all seen a harem or two! Usually, the most noticeable characters are the girls, but how well do we remember the lead guys?...

Which Armed School Girl Are You From Shooting Girl?

  Shooting Girl is a new game from the free play site Nutaku, who localizes popular games from the Japanese company that brought the world...

How Likely Are You To Achieve Your Shounen Dreams?


Which Norn9 OTP Sums Up Your Next Relationship

Norn9 has been the reverse harem romance that is hitting all the right notes for fans. The ships are so varied, you can find...

What Dere Type Is Your Perfect Date?


Can You Guess These 8 Anime Character’s Ethnicity?


Are You a Ghoul or an Inspector?


Can We Guess the Type of Anime You Like Based on...


What Job at an Anime Studio Fits You Best?

  //dcc4iyjchzom0.cloudfront.net/widget/loader.js     What are you destined to be?

What Type of Anime Girl Are You?


Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?


Quiz: What Anime Genre Is Your Life

You've lived your whole life wondering. Now it's time for you to accept your fate!   //dcc4iyjchzom0.cloudfront.net/widget/loader.js

What’s Your Anime Dere Type?

Quiz Music [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/45269169" params="visual=true&show_artwork=true&callback=jQuery11020010860505746677518_1425344741885&_=1425344741886" width="100%" height="400" iframe="true" /] //dcc4iyjchzom0.cloudfront.net/widget/loader.js



The 19 Anime Songs Hideaki Anno Listens to While Commuting

Studio Khara's "Unit-02" Twitter account gives behind-the-scenes info about the production of the final Rebuild of Evangelion movie. The account decided to have some fun and...