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Food Waifus

Fan Artist Turns Bacon and Pickles into Moe Anime Girls

Have you ever looked at your plate of food and thought, "I can turn this into a group anime girls!" Well, artist Reef1600 has...
Anime Lingerie PaoPao

Fan Artist Becomes Lingerie Designer with Anime Inspiration

Japanese illustrator @papao_pao is known for reimagining things as sets of lingerie, such as various mobile suits from Gundam and chess pieces. All of the lovingly...

A Japanese Artist is Turning Chess Pieces into Sexy Lingerie

Doujin artist Pao first graced the weeb world with a line of sexy Gundam inspired lingerie. Now, he his set his sights on more "intellectual" fare...and by...



“KonoSuba” is Getting a New Anime Project

Voice actors Jun Fukushima (Kazuma) and Rie Takahashi (Megumin) revealed that a new KonoSuba anime has been green-lit while visiting a radio show! The reveal was...