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Minsgraph’s Expertly Shaded Art Almost Seems Like it Shines

Minsgraph, who goes by Mins for short, is a Canadian artist who has mastered shading. It makes their work seem like there is actual...

Popular Mangaka Shares Mesmerizing Art Progress in Vines

Eisaku Kubonouchi is the mangaka and illustrator responsible for imagining how Kiki and Tambo from Kiki's Delivery Service would look at age 17 for a trio...
Fly Artist Yuri

Fly フライ Makes Yuri Refreshing with Intimate Illustrations

Fly フライ is a freelance artist based out of Tokyo, Japan. They are known for drawing manga covers, art books, and illustrations centered around...
Japanese Miku Artist

Mochizuki is Leading the High Contrast Flat Style Revolution

If you love art (or use technology), you've probably noticed a big trend in the last 5 years has been the flat design style....

Mellow Nature Art by Jin Xingye That Rethinks the Ordinary

In all of his art is a lot of thoughtfulness that echo themes that you see in Ghibli films like nature, childhood, and exploring ordinary worlds.


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