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Fake Anime Subtitles Are The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Read

 Shout out to Fake Anime Subtitles for doing gods work of putting together these amazing anime subs. Go check out more of their stuff on their...

11 Times ‘Aho Girl’ Described Your Daily Life

Aho Girls' brand of stupid humor and sarcastic characters makes it prime "me irl" material. The awkwardness, denial, and clap-backs hit hard!   When you study,...

School Struggles Told Through Anime

K-On Toradora Gurren Lagann Madoka Magica Date A Live Wolf Children Haganai No Game No Life

The Reason Why Valve Won’t Announce Half-Life 3

Hello fellow Terrans. Our mother ship has discovered the reason why Half-Life 3 has not been created. Like everything in the lives of humans, you...

Your Waifu Isn’t Real

http://streamable.com/rqpc4 Time to learn the truth about your waifu.



Japanese Dating Service Shares Sobering Advice for Big Otaku

If there is one thing otaku seem to have trouble with, it's finding a romantic partner that share their passions. You can read a...