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Tyga Surprises with Anime in his “Boss Up” Music Video

The day after Christmas, American rapper and former boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, Tyga decided to drop a new animated video for his new single...

10 Hip-Hop Songs That Sample Anime

Sure, you knew about Samurai Champloo, but did you know about these other anime hip hop tracks?

Remember That Time Kanye West Wanted to See Anime Tiddies?

Kanye West isn't shy about his love of anime and Japanese culture. He's defended Akira as the greatest anime movie, played hentai on screens during a "Graduation"...

Filthy Frank & Lil Yachty Talk About Japan & Yu-Gi-Oh!

George Miller (aka Joji & Filthy Frank) and Lil Yachty have become icons of the "Soundcloud Music" genre. It's an outsider musical movement that...

Why Did Rapper XXXtentacion Turn into Chrollo from Hunter x Hunter?

Can we talk about rapper XXXtentacion turning into Chrollo on Instagram? So how did we get here? Why are we comparing XXXtentacion with anime? Well,...

I Don’t Want to be Sad Ever Again


Sipping Sake with a 2D Girl


Confessions by Moonlight


“Something Lost Inside U” by Cybergod




The Mako x Gamagoori Comic that Will Melt Your Heart

Kill la Kill ended nearly four years ago, but we still can't get over our Mako Mankanshoku x Ira Gamagoori ship. http://maxvelocity.tumblr.com/post/154730045713/say-what-you-will-about-klk-but-consider-gamagori   This couple is the cutest in...