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The International Community Picks Their Top Winter 2017 Anime After First...

Last week, we asked the international community to rank their favorite Winter 2017 anime after six weeks. Here are the top results from the rankings!...

Santanya Gets Caught Doing Something Evil

Truly worthy of the devil herself!
Gabriel DropOut

Satania Appreciation Post

Can we agree that Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell is the, how do you put it, best grill? She's totally has that mix of cuteness and silliness....

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Official Anime Illustrations

Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate the day with official illustrations from popular anime like New Game! and Interviews with Monster Girls.   Interviews with Monster Girls Masamune-kun's Revenge   Sound! Euphonium   Gabriel DropOut   Is the...

Gabriel DropOut Is The Most Relatable Anime Of The Season

Watching Horror Movies Playing Video Games At School At Work During Vacation When It's Time To Bathe ... Everyday ... Yes. Definitely Everyday

Gabriel DropOut Has Fun With Censorship


Gabriel DropOut Brings Fast Jokes with Angels and Demons

The best student from angel school...   ...Goes to a human high school...   ...Only to be ruined by an MMO.   Gabriel DropOut is the latest comedy from Doga Kobo....


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Here is How Little Anime Makes From Foreign Distribution

You hear the international community ask this all the time, "why don't anime studios focus more on the international market if they aren't making...

Code Geass and Sakuradite