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The 21 Anime That Are Inspiring Irresistible Doujin

One of the most common ways to see if a series has staying power within the community is to see how many doujin works...

“The Crawling City” Writer Launches Ambitious Community-based Project

Since September of last year, people have been in love with the fantastically drawn, goth-inspired and tentacle-filled indie manga, The Crawling City. It is...

‘Love Live!’ Owners Pulling in Police to Stop Fan Goods

Love Live! is one of the biggest anime franchises with a near global reach in terms of fans. While fans (especially in Japan) have a...
Anime Lingerie PaoPao

Fan Artist Becomes Lingerie Designer with Anime Inspiration

Japanese illustrator @papao_pao is known for reimagining things as sets of lingerie, such as various mobile suits from Gundam and chess pieces. All of the lovingly...

A Japanese Artist is Turning Chess Pieces into Sexy Lingerie

Doujin artist Pao first graced the weeb world with a line of sexy Gundam inspired lingerie. Now, he his set his sights on more "intellectual" fare...and by...

NTR is the Worst Fetish

I am kinkshaming