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The Real Myths Behind Interviews with Monster Girls

Interviews with Monster Girls is a slice of life manga that highlights the daily activities of demi-humans, which are nicknamed 'demis'. Although they're accepted in...

What I Watched, What I Expected, What I Got – Winter...

Reddit user kimbombo shared What I Watched, What I Expected, What I Got from this season. -Masamune-kun no revenge -San-Gatsu no Lion -Seiren -Kuzu no Honkai -Fuuka -Little Witch Academia -Demi-chan wa...

The Best Scene In Demi-chan So Far


Kyouko Machi Appreciation Post

     Consider her appreciated.   

Interviews With Monster Girls is the Heartwarming Comedy of Winter

If your only experience with monster girls is the sex-comedy Monster Musume, then you are going to be in for a real surprise with Interviews with...


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