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Lost Pause: Nobel 1 Million Subs Special

Noble promised that he would cosplay for his 1 mil subs.

What to Do on Valentine’s Day if You’re Forever Alone

You’re never truly alone as long as you have the Internet! And there’s plenty to explore from uncensored history, online recipes, and Boku no...

When You See Someone Post Boku no Pico in 2017

Seriously low effort shitposting

The Director of Boku No Pico is Directing Exactly What You...

Remember Katsuhiko Takayama? You know, he is the one who wrote created your favorite anime series, Boku no Pico. Let's follow the family tree and meet series...

7 Popular Anime Written By the Creator of Boku no Pico

This is Katsuhiko Takayama. He is the legend who wrote the Boku no Pico saga! There are four parts to the Boku no Pico story! It is this generation's masterpiece. But that...

28 Anime Described by Spongebob Quotes

We've seen people find silly ways to describe anime. Explaining plots poorly or using one sentence is fine and all, but what about using...


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