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School Struggles Told Through Anime

K-On Toradora Gurren Lagann Madoka Magica Date A Live Wolf Children Haganai No Game No Life

Heroic Age – Turning Jupiter Into a Star

Can you actually turn a gas giant like Jupiter into an actual star?

Manga vs. Anime

Which is better? Leave a comment down below, of the reasons why you like one over the other!

Is Stranger Things Inspired By Anime?

From all the fan theories circulating around the internet, we can be fairly sure that the popular Netflix Original, "Stranger Things" is inspired great...

A Closer Look At Nana – Anime Spotlight

Hello, everyone, you’re tuning in to the fourth episode of Anime Spotlight. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a series that’s very popular within its respective genres, but generally tends to get overlooked, Nana. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the fourth episode of Anime Spotlight.

「AMV – Closer」

How to Hold Hands

Top Ten Anime That You’ve (Probably) Never Heard of

Someone mentioned to me that I watched a lot of anime that they’ve never even heard of before. After reading that comment, I decided to compile a list of some of the best anime that you might not have heard of.

Code Geass and Sakuradite

With the up coming release of Code Geass season three lets take a look to see if it is possible for Sakuradite to exist in the real world.