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Code Geass and Sakuradite

With the up coming release of Code Geass season three lets take a look to see if it is possible for Sakuradite to exist in the real world.

A Closer Look At The Twelve Kingdom – Anime Spotlight

Hello, everyone, you’re tuning in to the second episode of Anime Spotlight. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a series that some consider a classic, but many people haven’t heard of, The Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokuki).

An Assortment of Hand Selected Nichijou Gifs

A bunch of random nichijou gifs from a folder on my computer

Why You Should Be Watching Redline

Hey kid. You like anime? You like cute girls, fast cars, over the top pompadours, and a great film that actually has a plot? Well sit your butt down, buckle up, and get your comb and hair gel at the ready, cause its time to learn about Redline.

Top Ten Anime with Less Than 12 Episodes

Short on time? Here are the top ten anime with less than 12 episodes.

A Closer Look at Attack on Titan – Anime Spotlight

Hello, everyone, you're tuning in to the first episode of Anime Spotlight where we put the spotlight on shows that you may not have heard of, or shine the light a little brighter on shows that you're already familiar with.

What Are Creators Smoking

What's in their minds, I'm genuinely curious.

Anime For Valentine’s Day


What is a Loli?

In my video, I talk shortly on the Anime trope known as a Loli. This is my first psychology-based video so it is quite short. But I hope you guys enjoy!


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Here is How Little Anime Makes From Foreign Distribution

You hear the international community ask this all the time, "why don't anime studios focus more on the international market if they aren't making...

Code Geass and Sakuradite