‘Summer Wars’ Director Tackles the Meaning of Life in New Film

Mamoru Hosoda, director of Summer Wars and Wolf Children, revealed that his newest movie will be released in 2018!

Summer Wars
Summer Wars is one of Hosoda’s most known films.

In an interview with Variety, Hosoda revealed that his new movie will be titled Mirai and that it will focus on the bond between siblings. The story centers around a four-year-old boy named Mirai, whose parents are expecting the arrival of a baby girl. Mirai is unsure how his parents will treat him after the birth of his sister, which leads him to a portal to the past. After traveling back in time, Mirai meets his mom and great-grandfather in their youth.

Hosoda said he was inspired by the interactions of his two children, saying they make him “relive the different steps through which I grew up. This sensation makes me understand how life repeats itself, how lives and time overlay one another. There is this flow of life and time in my new film.”Wolf Children

Hosoda’s previous three films have explored family dynamics. Summer Wars showcases the importance of the extended family, Wolf Children is about the bond between mother and child, while The Boy and The Beast focuses on the bond between father and son.

Another hallmark of Hosoda’s work is that he casts non-anime voice actors for his films. Human drama is the centerpiece (and Mirai will be no different), which steers him to favoring live-action and TV actors for lead roles. In a 2016 interview, Hosoda explained “Anime voice actors are highly skilled, so you could record the dialogue for each character separately. But if you do that, they can’t feel and play off each other’s performances, so no matter how hard you try, the end product feels unbalanced.”The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Hosoda noted that Mirai is going to be a more personal story, with the style being similar to The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Wolf Children. Are you excited to see Hosoda’s new work?

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