Some of the Wildest Times Characters Lost Clothes and Gained Power


Kill la Kill

The plot of Kill la Kill centers largely around skinship, nudity, and embarrassment. Ryuko has to don the battle armor Senketsu in order to use both their strengths but for much of the first episodes, she’d rather die than be caught in the suit (until y’know, she almost dies).


Monster Monpiece

This card-based eroge seems to merge together magic the gathering and lewdness. Let me get this out of the way – There. Is. Skill. Involved. But that skill is how willing are you to get dirty with your P.S. Vita by rubbing monster girls in “areas” to increase their stats and drop an article of clothing. At first, you feel shame, then you feel the need to win.


Phantasma Magic: Deluxe

This eroge game is straight up honest with its fans that the stronger you make your characters, the more “hidden areas” are revealed. Usually, shows come up with clever ways to lose undergarments in battle but this hentai card game doesn’t beat around the bush.

Panty and Stocking

This anime from Studio Trigger might look childish at first glance but it’s anything but that. The titular angels, underscored by rocking music from Teddyloid, are out to save the world through any means necessary. And their means are their “special clothing” pieces that they remove and transform into weapons.


Devil Lady

This 1997 manga is from the father of fanservice,  Go Nagai. This graphic horror yuri features demons who terrorize the human population with only the young teacher, Jun Fudo who transforms into the Devil Lady, standing in their way. This manga harkens from a more realistic, uncensored age where when women transform into giant superhumans, their clothes burst off as they embody incredible powers that can save the world.


Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi

Tsubasa Tsubame is a clumsy pink-haired girl in this ecchi but with a deadly twist. She’s normally a sweet girl who doesn’t really want to fight but thanks to years of intense martial arts training, she becomes a killing machine when her clothes are torn away or she feels exposed. Her family manipulates her to try and save their dojo but this anime has a happy ending.


Fap Titans

It’s impossible to ignore this over-the-top eroge that slips ninjas, demons, and cowgirls inside a clicker RPG. It takes the trope of less clothing equals more power to the extreme with a horde of helpful heroines who are strategically leveled up to defeat monsters. It’s completely campy with tentacle monsters, clumsy slimes, and regular wardrobe malfunctions.



Mylene Hoffman gets clothing damage all the time in this spy thriller but she really powers up when she uses her guns; her machine guns hidden in her chest. Although it may tear up her clothes, she always takes the enemies by surprise. Every woman needs a few tricks up her sleeves and this manga has earned an anime, live action film, and television drama adaptation.


Air Gear

This manga and anime centered on skating always escalates things to an unbelievable level and the final bosses all have crazy abilities. Mimisaka Ryo is a tease who hides her Medusa-like abilities behind her flirting nature. When things get tough, she strips down and dances for opponents who are paralyzed by her almost invisible tattoos that turn opponents “to stone.” Yeah, things get crazy in Air Gear.


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