The official Fate/EXTRA Last Encore website began streaming a new trailer for the upcoming anime adaptation. Fate/EXTRA Last Encore will debut during the Winter 2018 season and is being produced by Shaft.

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore

The website also unveiled the two main cast members. Atsushi Abe (Touma Kamijou in A Certain Magical Index) will voice Hakuno Kishinami and Sakura Tange (Assassin of Black in Fate/Apocrypha) will voice Saber.

The anime’s main production staff include:

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore

  • Chief Director: Akiyuki Simbo (Puella Magi Madoka Magica director)
  • Series Director: Yukihiro Miyamoto (Arakawa Under the Bridge series director)
  • Character Design: Masaaki Takiyama (Nyaruko: Crawling With Love character designs)
  • Series Composition: Kinoko Nasu (Fate/stay night creator)
  • Music Composition: Satoru Kousaki (Bakemonogatari composer)
  • Anime Production Studio: Shaft

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore is set in an alternate world from the Fate series. Hakuno wakes up in a virtual world and has no memories of the past. He is suddenly thrown into a battle royale to gain possession of the Holy Grail. With the help of Saber, Hakuno must survive death battles while trying to rediscover his forgotten past.

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore

Are you ready for Fate/EXTRA Last Encore?

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