Seinen Vampire Manga “Devil’s Line” is Getting an Anime

Kodansha is revealing that the seinen manga Devil’s Line is getting an anime adaptation. Details, such as a debut date or staff, will be revealed at a later time.

Devil's Line

Ryo Hanada’s series has been serialized in Morning Two since March 2013. The story takes place in a world where vampires live among humans. Tsukasa is a college student and she is rescued by a half-vampire named Anzai. It’s revealed that Anzai is part of a task for that investigates vampire-related crime, which causes him to watch over Tsukasa. While vampires do not need to drink blood to live, a craving can cause them to go berserk – something Anzai worries will happen if he stays around Tsukasa.

Devil’s Line is different compared to vampire romance manga in that it’s a seinen series. Most works within this niche are shoujo or josei, with Vampire Knight being the most popular title. The series balances Anzai and Tsukasa’s relationship with intense sequences of action.

Devil's Line Devil's Line Devil's Line

Are you ready for Devil’s Line?

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