See Kill la Kill’s Sketches That Became the Iconic Opening

Kill la Kill is Studio Trigger's most well-known anime series, and a large part of its success has to do with the animation. 

Every bit of flashy animation starts out as a sketch. The following key visual sketches are from Kill la Kill Animation Originals Book, Vol .01 via artbooksNAT.

Kill la KillKill la KillKill la KillKill la KillKill la Kill


The yellow pages were drawn by character designer and animation director Sushio for the opening sequence. The white pages were drawn by other staff members on the opening team.


Kill la KillKill la KillKill la KillKill la KillKill la Kill


Compare these key visual sketches to the final product!


Even Ronnie del Carmen, co-director of Pixar's Inside Out, has recently felt the Kill la Kill hype after a few years. He tweeted out a few key visual sketches. Maybe they will serve are inspiration for Pixar's next movie?

Kill la KillKill la KillKill la Kill


Do you think Studio Trigger's passion for  Kill la Kill still holds up compared to their newest projects?

Source: Tumblr / Twitter

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