A researcher is attempting to create a program that will help create smoother animation. The program, which is being developed by Japanese researcher Yuichi Yagi, is going to be used to duplicate in-between frames to produce a smoother picture.

Idol Incidents

In-between frames are drawings that consist of tiny different changes to help create the illusion of movement. They are essential, and also very time consuming to draw. A lot of animators working in the industry are in-between artists.

Yagi’s program uses a very basic A.I. that creates in-between frames and inserts them into scenes to help produce smoother animation. With the help of Dwango’s deep learning neural network and animation producer Mages, Yagi was able to test his program on Idol Incidents.

According to IT Media, the program re-created scenes from Idol Incidents that were four times smoother than what was aired on TV.

While the program is not perfect (you can see various clipping issues), it does produce a smoother overall picture. The main caveat is that the program only works with pre-existing animation, making it similar to “motion interpolation” technology found in TVs.

Idol Incidents

Since the system only copies and creates frames based on prediction, you’ll still need to hire a team of in-between artists for you anime project. However, the tech could help produce higher frame rates or even lower the number of in-between artists needed for an anime.

Yagi’s program has no set release date nor is it known if any production companies will use the program for future anime.

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