Relive Your Childhood with an All-New ‘Zoids’ Anime

Zoids is a making a comeback with an all-new Zoids Wild multimedia project. It’s the franchise’s newest line since 2005’s Zoids Genesis.

The mecha-beast series is based on Takara Tomy’s line of model kits. Zoids Wild will consist of a summer 2017 TV anime series, a manga that will launch in April, a new model kit line that will debut in June, and a Nintendo Switch video game.

Story details haven’t been revealed, but Norihiko Sudo (Pokémon: Black and White / ToHeart2) will direct the series at OLM, Inc (Pokémon franchise / Inazuma Eleven franchise) and Mitsutaka Hirota (Sweetness & Lightning Anime-Gataris) will write the scripts.

Takara Tomy launched the Zoids line of models in 1983 and it inspired a 14 volume manga series written by Michiro Ueyama in 1999. The manga was adapted into the ZOIDS: Chaotic Century anime in 1999. Zoids/ZERO (2001), Zoids: Fuzors (2003), and Zoids Genesis (2005) would serve as sequel series.

Zoids Wild

ZOIDS: Chaotic Century followed Van, a teenage boy who stumbles across a mysterious girl named Fine and an Organoid named Sieg while hiding in ruins. Sieg can merge with a Zoid to increase its fighting power, which comes in handy when a new war breaks out across the Helic Republic.

Are you excited about Zoids Wild?

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