It’s official: Persona 5 is getting an anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures in 2018.

Atlus revealed the plans at “The Attic Meeting Cafe LeBlanc” fan event. The video game’s voice cast will reprise their roles for the anime.

Persona 5 follows a student who is forced to transfer schools after being put on probation due to false assault charges. During the school year, he and other classmates awaken their Personas, become masked vigilantes, and steal the hearts of corrupt adults. Their simple goal of bringing justice to the corrupt leads to a deeper conspiracy to rebuild Japanese society.

Persona 5

Persona 5 is the latest Persona video game and is the fastest selling game in the franchise. It’s available on the PS3 and PS4. The video game features anime scenes from Production I.G.

Earlier this year, A-1 Pictures produced the Persona 5 the Animation -The Day Breakers- TV special. The studio has also worked on Persona 4 the Golden AnimationPersona 3 the Movie #3 Falling DownPersona 3 the Movie #4 Winter of Rebirth, and Persona -trinity soul-.

Persona 5

Are you excited for Persona 5‘s anime adaptation?

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