GoBoiano - GoBoiano's 2016 Waifu and Husbando War
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GoBoiano's 2016 Waifu and Husbando War

Well, it's the end of 2016. Do you know what that means? A great big waifu and husbando war! But before the big show down, we have to pick the contestants from each season then from each season then the big blow out vote.

We'll keep this page updated to centralize the madness.

Last year it got crazy. This year we hope everyone brings as much passion and we've got some new tools to combat spam votes. We're working with the Pollcaster team to use trend analysis, delete duplicate IP address votes, and some other fun methods to keep the polls clean. As always, the the demographic preview on the polls display data ONLY from people who chose to share their personal info. It's not indicative of the larger voting population.


Let's get out, remember our favorite characters of the year and vote!


Round 2 - Voting the Top Character from Each Season

Voting is CLOSED!


Round 1 - Winners from Each Show

The Top Voted Waifus from All the 2016 Anime


The Top Voted Husbandos from All the 2016 Anime



Round 1 - Voting the Top Character from Each Show


Winter 2016

Voting is CLOSED!


Spring 2016

Voting is CLOSED!


Summer 2016

Voting is CLOSED!


Fall 2016

Voting is CLOSED!


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