GoBoiano - Drifters is Bloody Action with None of the Shounen Tropes
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Drifters is Bloody Action with None of the Shounen Tropes

Take the historical champions of Fate/Zero.



Throw them into the violent world of Hellsing Ultimate.

Hellsing Ultimate


You know have a clear image of Drifters!



Drifters is an action series from Kouta Hirano, who also created Hellsing. His iconic art style, gory action scenes, and eccentric humor is on full display.

Like Hellsing, it switches between serious drama, goofy humor, and bloody action. Though it is a bit tamer (no face eating) and does have more humor, which makes it more accessible to the general anime fan.

Drifters' story makes way more sense than most other action anime, and the characters are surprisingly relatable. However, that is icing on the violent cake, because you'll be watching for fight scenes like these:


Fans looking for an action show without modern tropes that include whiny teenagers, harem building, and tame fighting should give Drifters a chance. It's basically Hellsing with samurai. Can't argue with that.

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