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How Miyazaki Intentionally Put Emptiness in Your Favorite Films

People often say Miyazaki's work affects them deeper than most films or anime. They say it inspired them, taught them, and they walked away feeling refreshed.

But why does it do this? I recently re-watched all of the Ghibli films by Miyzaki but still had a hard time describing what made them so amazing. One video I found by Glowing Screens explains in a few minutes how Miyazaki doesn't focus on moving the story as fast as possible. Instead he focuses on the Japanese concept of emptiness called 'Ma'. 

Ma means gap, space or pause. Some people sum it up with: "Where there is clutter, even valuable things lose their value. Where there is too much, nothing stands out." 


Ma in Miyazaki films gives people space so they can process, experience a breath, and then go back into the story's journey. This reflects life since even when people are under great stress, there are always calm moments of being quiet in a car or walking outside.


Enjoy this video which gives a much more full explanation. I've started it at the main part at 1:22.



Do you enjoy the ma in Miyazaki's films? Have you seen ma in other films, anime, or TV shows?


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