‘One Punch Man’ Artist Shows ‘Dragon Ball’ Love with Sketches

Yusuke Murata is considered one of the best and most popular manga artists today. He showed potential at an early age: as a 12-year-old, he won an art Mega Man art contest. Dust Man (Mega Man 4) and Crystal Man (Mega Man 5) were based on his sketches.

Mega Man
Murata was credited for designing Dust Man and Crystal Man at the age of 12.

At 17, his one-shot Partner was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Ever since then, Murata has been considered one of Weekly Shonen Jump‘s top artists.

Eyeshield 21, which he illustrated, was a top-selling manga during the mid-2000s and was adapted into an anime. Today, Murata is known for drawing the remakes of One Punch Man, which is based on a web manga of the same name.

Yusuke Murata
Murata has the hit series Eyeshield 21 (left) and One-Punch Man (right).

Murata has always credited Akira Toriyama and his Dragon Ball manga as a key influence in terms of art style. To show his love, Murata drew a trio of Dragon Ball sketches.



You can totally see Murata’s style seep out while mimicking Toriyama’s style. Maybe Toriyama will work with Murata on a special chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga?

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