Weekly Shonen Jump is the most popular and influential manga magazine. It maintains about 20 different series at any given time and publishes them in a 500-page magazine on a weekly basis. With so much content in the magazine, it’s important to have a cover to highlight the contents in a visual way.

One Piece

The official YouTube channel for the One Piece manga staff shared a video showing the process of designing a cover for Weekly Shonen Jump. The grueling process begins with a single One Piece illustration and ends up as a popping cover.

The video is sped up, but we can see the hard work that goes into designing the cover. It’s almost like putting together a collage as the designer tries to find the perfect size and location for the various manga images and word placement.

It’s a process that Weekly Shonen Jump has not shown before. Do you have a newfound appreciation for the effort that goes into designing the magazine’s covers?

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