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Netflix is Looking to Start Creating New Anime

Netflix is looking to create original anime!

The Seven Deadly Sins

Netflix is looking to hire a director that will lead the streaming service in creating their own anime series.

This new move could put Netflix as a key player for the future of the anime industry. Previously, Netflix's dealings with anime was restricted to exclusive licenses (Ajin: Demi-Human and The Seven Deadly Sins).

In 2016, Netflix announced that they would be funding the BLAME! anime movie and that Production I.G. was creating Perfect Bones exclusively for the services. 

However, this new job opening is a sign that Netflix wants to create their own anime, much like they do with live-action series like Stranger Things and Narcos.

Netflix also has a reputation for reviving dead series, like Full House (as Fuller House) and Arrested Development. Who knows, maybe Netflix could lead the way towards reviving dead anime, like Spice & Wolf?

Spice and Wolf

Never lose hope.

Are you excited for Netflix's moves to creating anime?

I love all things that are cute, magic-based, and easy going! My biggest obsessions of all time are Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches and Fairy Tail. Let's go shipping!

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