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Nekopara OVA Fundraises $100,000 in 45 Minutes

We did it, fam!



It only took 45 minutes for the community to fund the Nekopara OVA.



With the $100,000 funding goal met, Neko Works will be able to create a 20 minute OVA. They also added a stretch goal stating that an extra 10 minutes will be added per $100,000 raised. Depending on the fans, Nekopara could have a 60 minute OVA!

Nekopara OVA will be released with Japanese, Chinese, and English subtitles, but Neko Works stated that other languages maybe added based on fan opinions.

Nekopara OVA is going to be based on the first light novel volume, but will have original content.


The story of Nekopara follows Kashou Minaduki, who comes from a family of confectioneries. After moving out to open up his shop, Kashou finds that two of his family's nekos have moved in with him. Together with Chocolate and Vanilla, Kashou attempts to run his little shop.

Nekopara was originally released as an eroge, but an all-ages editon was made, which removes the sex scenes.

Head over to KickStarter to contribute to Nekopara OVA. Who knows, maybe a full 60 minute OVA can be made!

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