GoBoiano - Black Lagoon Manga Returns and Author Has New 2017 Anime Project
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Black Lagoon Manga Returns and Author Has New 2017 Anime Project

Black Lagoon is back after a three year hiatus!

Black Lagoon

Monthly Sunday GX had some major news related to manga author Rei Hiroe. After a three year hiatus, he is ready to continue working on the Black Lagoon manga. The series has been put on hold since 2014, but it will resume in Spring 2017!

While the lovable, but deadly team of Black Lagoon is cool, Hiroe also revealed that he is working on an original anime! Re:Creators will feature character designs, a plot concept, and series composition from Hiroe.


The anime is going to be Hiroe's first original anime project. While details are slim, we're sure it's going to include his trademark action scenes and dark humor. Ei Aoki, director of Fate/Zero, is confirmed to be working on the project with Hiroe. Re:Creators is set to debut in 2017.

2017 is going to be a big year for Rei Hiroe fans, as he continues work on Black Lagoon and debuts Re:Creators

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