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The Fate Anime Franchise is Taking Over 2017

Move aside, Attack on Titan and every sequel series, because the Fate franchise is taking over 2017.

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I really hope you love the Fate series, because you are about to see a lot of it. Here are the announced and planned anime projects that will happen in 2017.


1. Fate/Grand Order -First Order-

Fate/Grand Order

What it is: A feature length TV special based on the hit Fate/Grand Order mobile game. The anime will feature an original story, which focuses on the Chaldea Security Organization trying to prevent the Holy Grail War from occurring in 2004.

Studio: Lay-duce

Premier: January 1, 2017


2. Fate/Grand Order -Next Order-

Fate/Grand Order

What it is: A follow up to Fate/Grand Order -First Order- It wasn't revealed if the -Next Order- will be another TV special or a TV series.

Studio: Lay-duce

Premier: 2017


3. Fate/stay Night: Heaven's Feel

Fate/stay Night: Heaven's Feel

What it is: A movie trilogy adapting the Heaven's Feel route from the Fate/stay Night visual novel. The story focuses on Sakura and her dark relationship with Shirou.

Studio: Ufotable

Premier: 2017


4. Fate/Extra Last Encore

Fate/Extra Last Encore

What it is: A TV series based on the Fate/Extra PSP game. The series centers around Hakuno, a boy who wakes up in a strange virtual world and is thrown into a new Holy Grail War.

Studio: Shaft

Premier: 2017


5. Fate/Kalied liner Prisma Illya Movie

Fate/Kalied liner Prisma Illya

What it is: A movie follow up to Fate/Kalied liner Prisma Illya 3rei!! The story was not stated, but it can be guessed that the movie will somehow tie in Shirou from Miyu's world.

Studio: Silver Link

Premier: 2017 / 2018

Depending when Fate/Kalied liner Prisma Illya Movie comes out, we can have up to five new Fate anime projects airing in 2017. Even if the Illya movie comes out in 2018, we can possibly see one new Fate series per season next year. 

Will you be able to handle all of these Fate anime projects?

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