GoBoiano - Fate/Grand Order is Making More Money than Pokemon Go in Japan
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Fate/Grand Order is Making More Money than Pokemon Go in Japan

The video game industry and Nintendo has been championing Pokémon Go as the king of mobile games. Despite losing a large chunk of players, the game still manages to make $2 million a day.

Fate/Grand Order

However, Pokémon Go is losing the mobile war in Japan to Fate/Grand Order. According to Bloomberg, Fate/Grand Order has more downloads and has made more money since the time Pokémon Go launched in Japan.

The advantage that Fate/Grand Order has is a narrative driven story relative to other mobile games. The story hooks allows the game to introduce new heroes, like Joan of Arc, and have a narrative around the new character.

The success of Fate/Grand Order has accounted for 23% of Sony Music's profit, and has Sony considering launching the game in other territories around the world. Fate/Grand Order is even getting a TV anime special this January, which may lead to a larger series.

Fate/Grand Order launched in July 30, 2015 and so far has proven to be the king of Japanese mobile gaming.

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