GoBoiano - 'Your Name' Surpasses 'Princess Mononoke' in Japan's All-Time Box Office
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'Your Name' Surpasses 'Princess Mononoke' in Japan's All-Time Box Office

Your Name is continuing its unprecedented box office run.

Your Name

Your Name was originally projected to make 6 billion ($59.7 million), but it has now earned over 19.5 billion yen ($174 million) after spending 14 weeks (and counting) in theatres. 

In terms of box office, Your Name has passed Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke as the third highest earning Japanese movie of all-time! Princess Mononoke earned 19.3 billion yen ($171.4 million) during it's theatre run.

Your Name

The only movies to have earned more than Your Name are Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle (19.6 billion yen) and Spirited Away (30.8 billion yen). Realistically, Your Name can move past Howl's Moving Castle, but Spirited Away's box office numbers look insurmountable. 

Then again, Your Name wasn't expected to become a hit anime that would help the town the film is set in grow it's economy and spark dating meet ups.

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