New Manga Platform Aims to Give Creators More Control

Self-publication has been gaining steam within the Japanese manga community. While the light novel industry has a variety of online platforms that budding writers can use, the options are slimmer for indie manga creators.


While Shueisha and Kodansha do have online platforms for young and inexperienced creators, they still have to go through an editing process and curation. It’s a great quality control system, but some young creators may feel intimidated by the process or feeling the pressure to meet a deadline.

RegiMag is looking to change things for the Japanese manga community. The new platform is similar to Korea’s LINE WEBTOON platform: creators are able to work on their projects at their own pace and sell them to fans at their own price. It’s a multimedia platform allows creators to share their indie games, e-books, and advice videos.


RegiMag officially launched their manga segment and they announced that more than 500 artists have signed up for the platform. The great thing is that the creators have a lot of pricing flexibility; a volume can be free while future releases are priced or chapters can be free for a week before being charged. Works can’t cost less than 30 yen ($.25) and creators keep 70% of the income.

RegiMag is hoping to recruit over 2,000 manga artists and publish around 10,000 titles by the end of 2017.


Who knows, if things go well, maybe RegiMag will expand to English speaking countries like LINE WEBTOONS.

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