New Full Metal Panic Anime’s Fall Air Date Removed From Site

Fujimi Shobo, the light novel publisher of Full Metal Panic!, has removed the fall release date for the anime’s third season. According to an archive, the fall listing was on the website as recently as April 14. The official Full Metal Panic! website removed their fall premiere date between February and April.

Full Metal Panic

No reason for the removal has been given, but one can speculate that the season has been delayed. The new season, titled Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory, was revealed in October 2016 and was set for a Fall 2017 debut. Invisible Victory will be the first new Full Metal Panic! anime since Kyoto Animation’s Second Raid OVA, which was released in 2006.

Katsuichi Nakayama (Planetarian director) is set to direct the anime, Shoji Gatoh (Full Metal Panic! light novel author) is handling the scripts, and Xebec (Fafner in the Azure) is producing the animation.

Full Metal Panic

Hopefully, a new premiere window will be announced soon for Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory.

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